Thursday, March 20, 2008

So sad!

My beloved friend Kristy, has stepped down as the coordinator of our DT. No one will know how much she has done for our site, especially, "behind the scenes". She made the right decision although it was a most difficult one for her. We are fortunate that she will still be with us at KT and have more time to reap the benefits of her hard work! I have been chosen to take her place, but I'm not sure I will ever be able to fill her shoes! I will give it my best, you can be sure of that. To Kristy, I salute you and everything that you stand for and have done for KT Crafts!


Glee said...

This post just moved me to tears, Vicki! If it helps any, you will do a marvelous job filling in for Kristy! You have my total support and best wishes as you embark on this venture. I will stand beside you all the way!

rose said...

Well Iam sure it will be like water off a ducks back for you ,but yes those are some hard shoes to fill! I wish you luck on this new journey you are starting with us! and will fully support you!

Kristy said...

OH I just read this!!!!

First - Thank you for your kind words!! Second.. I have no doubt that you will do an amazing job! You know I back you 100% and then some. I am so exited about the amazing ideas you have! You are amazing and have been such a valuble help, but an even more wonderful friend!

Beth said...

DITTO on what Rose said! Kristy has been amazing for the DT & the site & I have NO doubt that you will continue to improve on that! We support her decision & wish you all the best in your new role!!


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