Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Changes in the wind...

Fall is in the air already, here in the Pocono Mountains! I know we have hot weather ahead, but we have had some very cool nights with lows into the 40's this week. You can just feel the changing season in the air. A couple of weeks ago, John and I took a ride to the top of Camelback Mountain. Oh, what a fabulous view! You can actually see the White Mountains in New York from there. In another month, we will go back so we can see the leaves starting to change. By mid Ocotber, it will be a sea of color. As much as I like the summer, the colors of Autumn excite me. It is my favorite time of year! Lots of color inspiration thanks to Mother Nature!


rose said...

oh what wonderful views cannot wait to see your autumnal photos when you go back.Oh love autumn for the colors and the scents

Vickilyn said...

Beautiful photos! Can I use that cropstop coupon too???



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