Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Mother

I was truly blessed when I was born into this world. God gave me the best parents that anyone could ask for. They married young, struggled to make ends meet, and always made sure we had what we needed. I have 4 siblings, so we were a large family. But, my parents always found time to be where they needed to be when it came to one of us. We had more than enough love and support through the years. Although we lost my dad 14 years ago, my mother still continues to be there when we need her. We saw a strong and independent side of her when our father left this earth that we never knew existed. The five of us are still very close and, along with our mother, we are a strong circle of love. I am working on a heritage album of my parents that I hope to finish by the end of 2009. The layout below is my mother on her wedding day. She was a young bride at 19. Her ballerina length gown was exquisite. I love the lace jacket and all of the buttons. My sister has the shoes in her possesion, but I was fortunate enough to receive the gown itself!


Marianne said...

Ohh mine !!!! That is just of another world !! Gorgeous deluxe !!!

coffeeaddicted said...

Ohhh my god! Lovely layout!

Btw, you have something here:

Gloria Stengel said...

What a stunning layout! And what a sweet sentiment about your parents. You were one lucky girl. Hugs.

maz111 said...

Vicki, you have outdone yourself with this LO. Your mum is just stunning and that gown? Absolutely gorgeous! You are so fortunate to have such wondeerful memories of your life, a close and loving family, and a mother who is still a big part of your lives. You are truly blessed. This LO is a stunning tribute to a beautiful lady, on a very special day.

Lynn B said...

Such a beautiful piece of work!! I Love the softness to it!! Really stunning! Love the ballet length dress!! tfs such pretty work!!!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

ohhh you made me cry with this post. Your mother looks beautiful and what a lovely story. I lost my mom 16 years ago when she was 62....but it made me smile to read your story. You are doing a beautiful job from what i can see with this page! Hugs ~DONNA


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