Friday, January 1, 2010

WELCOME 2010!!

Wow! We are into a new decade! No groundbreaking resolutions for the year, but I do have some goals that I hope to reach. One of them is "catching up" my journal to present day. When I reached the half century mark, I decided it was important to put my thoughts and memories on paper. I never realized how difficult that would be! Not just keeping up with the journal, but writing down my thoughts. Another goal, is keeping my blog current too. So, my journal and blog are my main goals for 2010. I hope to leave behind a legacy of love and memories when I am gone from this earth!


Jane said...

Beautiful Journal girl!!! keep it going!

Have a Happy New Year!!!

Pinkllilac said...

Beautiful journal Vicki and love the colour of it.
Sorry I have not been around but exams came first and when I had finished those hubby was diagonsed with cancer 4 weeks ago so life has been a bit of upevil but we are getting there. See you soon at cropstop as I shall be back on the scene soon.
Hugs Linda

rose said...

oh in awh of the journal love everything about it!! wow you have some writing to do!!!


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