Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Proud Mama!

We are all proud of our children for one reason or another, but I am especially proud of our two daughters. They are both currently pursuing their Masters Degree and maintining 4.0 GPAs.

That is quite an accomplishment for two young married women with full time jobs outside the home aside from children and families to care for.

Our youngest daughter is working on her Masters in Early Childhood Education. She already holds an Associates Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration. She is a wife and mother of a 4 month old and holds a full time position at a local college Headstart program.

Our oldest daughter is working on her MBA. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a minor in marketing. She is a wife and mother of two active boys and holds a full time position at a local college too.

Both girls demonstrate initiative and integrity in everything they do. We are proud of the wonderful young women they are and the excellent example they are setting for their children.

It is humbling to know that the years of parenting have paid off and they are thankful for us as parents. Today, we received an e-mail from our oldest daughter, who portrays a great sense of humor.

It read...

That's right! It is confirmed that I received an "A" in my most recent class. I am proud to say that I still maintain a PERFECT, 4.0 GPA. Just wanted to remind you that you raised a genius! I have also been notified that due to my continued scholastic excellence I will receive the President's scholarship for the next school year as well!

Now, wouldn't you be proud too??


LISA said...

Yes, you should be very proud!! My husband and I are also blessed with 2 great kids. The years of great parenting are well worth the outcome. We can proudly say that we raised great kids that turned into wonderful, smart, caring, responsible young adults. Yes, be very proud as your girls continue on their successful journey!!

cebelica said...

You have a very good reason to be proud. Congrats to your daughters on their achievements. Hugs!


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