Saturday, July 20, 2013

Color Theory with Distress Inks at The Art Studio

This class is the most comprehensive color theory guide you’ll ever come across and even better, it was designed with paper crafters in mind. In Color Theory with Distress Inks, we’ll focus on the use of the Distress markers line watered down to resemble watercolor paints. Of course, you can substitute Distress inks and stains for the markers and/or use the markers full-strength. Please use whatever you enjoy creating with the most! 
I guarantee that this class is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Check out what you’ll learn in Color Theory with Distress Ink – From Head to Toe: 
  • We’ll discuss all your options when it comes to Distress inks and how to decide which form suits you best, such as inks, markers, paints and stains.
  • We’ll then tackle the basics of using them, what surfaces to use them on and what to apply them with.
  • Then we’ll move on to color theory where you’ll learn everything related to color theory, the color wheel and what color categories, such as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors, the Distress ink colors fall into.
  • After that, we’ll break it all down by creating 11 different color schemes based on Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Neutral colors, and learn how to mix colors to make your own custom blends.
  • Last but not least, we’ll wrap up the class with several dozen hair color and skin tone combinations that will provide you with an incredible array of possibilities and dramatically change the look of all your stamped images. All combinations have colored examples so you can see the differences and pick out the ones that work best for your projects. 
There are over 150 examples, a few dozen color charts, a simple and friendly explanation of the color wheel as well as a complete breakdown of color groups as applied to the Distress ink color range. 

Just think, you’ll combine the artistry of being able to add life and personality to any image with Distress Ink markers in a remarkable variation of colors and color schemes. And forget just Tattered Rose for peachy keen faces. In this class, you’ll learn a rainbow of skin colors, from the palest Nordic skin tones to striking ethnic skin tones from all around the world. All with a simple set of markers instead of over 300 choices of other popular markers.

You will never, ever find a class like this one and when completed, you’ll know everything there is to know about color theory and how to apply this knowledge to make your colored in images look polished, balanced and full of visual interest.

Visit THE ART STUDIO and register today!

Please note that all lessons are available for download upon purchase. 

Get Distress Markers & Other Class Supplies at Crop Stop.

  Class supplies are super simple: Distress markers, a water brush or paintbrush, cardstock or watercolor paper and stamped or digi stamped images. 

To purchase Distress markers or the Ranger water brush or Claudine Hellmuth paintbrushes (my favorite!), go to and enter TAS into the promo code field. The TAS promo code will get you 10% off any purchase with no minimum dollar amount purchase and free shipping on any order of $50 (USA) and free for Canada if over $80.

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