Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love....

Today was a fairly decent day! I love that it stays lighter in the evenings now. A friend of mine came over and we scrapped all day long! I worked on some of my projects for my guest DT position and the crop coming up this weekend at KT Crafts! Which, btw, is less than 48 hours away! I can hardly wait. We always have such a great time at our cyber crops.

I made these cute little flip flops for another friend's triplets to put in their Easter baskets. Its been a long time since I had little girls that could wear shoes this small! Mine are all grown up and wouldn't think of putting something like this on their feet! But they did once upon a time! Now, I just have to finish the baskets that these and some other little goodies are going into!
That shouldn't take long, once I get them started. It's getting started that takes so long!


Glee said...

Awwww, Vicki, these flip-flops are adorable!

rose said...

oh these are to awesome for words
sure the triplets are going to love them!

Kristy said...

I adore the flip flops!!!!

Tracey said...

Love those flip flops - ADORABLE and yes I totally agree it is the getting started that is the hard part lol, have a great weekend XXX


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