Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Card of all cards!

I received this card in the mail today. It was made by a very dear friend of mine and mailed from the UK. I actually saw a picture of it when it was posted in our gallery at KT on my BD, but there is no picture that does it justice! I was totally blown away when I opened this fabulous, glamorous, amazing card! It should have been submitted somewhere, anywhere! But alas, dear Rose, chose to send it on to me instead. There are no words to describe my feelings at the moment. To think that you created this card especially for me. Thank you my dear friend! And thank you too for all of the other BD goodies that you sent to me! I just had to share this card....


Beth said...

That certainly is one amazing card, but it has to be if it's going to one amazing person!!

rose said...

Well what can I say,! your so special to me that the Card just had to be extra special for such a amazing friend!!


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