Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aahhh! My new comfort zone!

Aren't these crocs just fab? A couple of years ago, I broke my foot (don't ask!) and my orthopod recommended wearing shoes all of the time, which meant, no bare feet! So, he suggested wearing crocs and I fell in love with them instantly. I have pretty pink slipper crocs that have a fleece lining in them for winter. This is my new summer pair! Gold with brown ribbons! They just slide on like a croc clog! My DH says they are just big girl jelly know, the ones everyone wore back in the 80's. But, they are so comfortable and I love them. I may have to get them in a few other colors too! Who says that we can't be stylish in jellies?


rose said...

oh I just love the color of these and the ribbon so much fun,go buy some more I wanna see other colors in them!!!

Glee said...

Oh, the sweet feel of comfort! Love the ribbon accents!


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