Sunday, July 20, 2008


What a roller coaster of emotions I have seen and been through this past week. My dear, younger brother has once again had life threatening surgery. Our family has struggled, cried, and prayed together for this person that is such a huge part of our lives. As he heals, we will be his support system along with his abiding faith. He remains my brother, my friend, and my hero!

On a lighter note, our dear grandson remains a constant bright spot in our lives! We had a wonderful time visiting with him over the 4th of July holiday.


Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Hi Vicki, thanks so much for stopping by my wishes to a full recovery for your brother!
{{Hugs}} Gabrielle

rose said...

my heart goes out to you at the awful time,praying your brother makes a full recovery after his 2nd
Beautiful layout of grandpa and grandson


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