Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recollecting and collecting....

Do any of you recognize this china pattern? It is Hall Autumn Leaf....yes, if your grandmother had a Jewel Tea delivery man, then this is what he sold! I remember my grandmother's delivery man well. His name was Abie. I am not sure if that was his real name or not, but that is what everyone called him! He would stop by not only to sell his wares, but chat with everyone, just like a friend of the family. My grandmother bought my mother a teapot shaped like Aladdin's lamp. It has always been a part of my favorite childhood memories. Now, that teapot, and another 300 pieces of this china design, all reside in my home! Everywhere! China hutch, Etageré, occasional tables, end tables, walls. You name it, there is a piece of china on or near it! This mini tea set was a special purchase through a collector's club that I belong to. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. It is in my collection of newer pieces that have been reproduced by Hall since the original pattern was discontinued. This rose is another of my favorite collectibles. A Lefton china rose that my mother gave me for my birthday one year. It is fortunate enough to reside next to one of my Hall china candlestick holders!


rose said...

wow that is some serious amount of china to clean in your collection!! but how wonderful to have pieces older and newer and such memeories!
Love that china Rose ,beautiful

Glee said...

Vicki, my sweet, sweet Sister-in-law, Linda, collects this pattern. Her hubby built her a beautiful showcase to store her pieces in; I have no idea of how many pieces she has so I will ask her when I talk to her real soon. She will be delighted to know that you are a collector, too!


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