Sunday, November 9, 2008

And the blog award goes to....

Here are my nominees for the "Million Dollar Friend" blog award!

1. Vicki C.
2. Sheryl
3. Elisabeth
4. Gloria
5. Dalis

So snag your blog award ladies and please pass it on to 5 of your friends!!


Gloria Stengel said...

Ahhh thanks! Right back atcha!

kramer_buffy said...

that is so sweet... now go and update my url and put the right one... LOL!!!!!

Fink said...

Isn't that sweet! Congrats ladies

Sheryl said...

Thanks Vicki - that's so sweet of you!

chinapainter said...

Now that's sweet! Thank you, my friend!

I will go and update my blog ASAP.


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