Friday, September 16, 2011

Scrapbook News and Reviews!!

Wahoo! I have been waiting all week to share this news in my blog! Recently, I received an e-mail from the Executive Editor of Scrapbook News and Reviews asking me if I was interested in becoming an SNR Staff Member. After all of 60 seconds, I decided it was an opportunity that I couldn't and shouldn't pass up! So, now I am a staff member of this great online magazine.

Let "Scrapbook News and Review become your go-to resource. No matter what type of paper crafter you are or what kind of paper crafter you'd like to become, we've got something for you. You can start small or go big, it makes no difference. Either way, Scrapbook News and Review Magazine will be with you every step of the way." (Kate Koch-Publisher,Editor-in-Chief)

Visit Scrapbook News and Review and join the forum, submit a project for publication or grab some inspiration!


Kathleen B. Hernandez said...

Woohoo! Congrats, Vicki!! It's well-deserved! SNR has been the 1st magazine where I got my works published last Feb. 2011. They're wonderful people behind the magazine. Am glad you're one of them now. =)

paperpapier said...

Congratulations Vicki! Looking forward to your awesome project in SNR.

Daniella said...

Congratulations!! How awesome is that?

Nona said...

Yay, Vicki! A HUGE congrats to you! I'm gonna have to checkout that site sometime :)

Katie said...

Congratulations!!! I haven't stopped over there in a while, maybe I should. :)


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