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Scrapbook News and Review October calls are up!

Are you interested in having your artwork published?  Visit Scrapbook News and Review magazine and submit your work today!

The following is a complete list of available calls for Volume #5, Issue #10. Please click on Magazine Calls --> Submit Your Artwork and choose a call.
PLEASE NOTE: All calls are for paper and digital scrappers.
Deadline: October 6, 2012
Free for All
In each issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, we spotlight scrapbook layouts of any size, style and genre with any theme you prefer.


A Week in the Life
Show us your schedule. Is it crazy and hectic? Slow paced and just right? We want to know. Please note that you can break it apart by days or show off the whole week in one big chunk.
Die-Cuts Galore
This scrapbooking staple has been around for decades, but they're still going strong. For this call, we're looking for pages that feature a few of them on the same page -- or better yet, a ton of them!
Giving Thanks
We've all got something to be grateful for and years from now, it will be interesting to look back and see if those things have changed or remained steadfast. For this call, giving thanks can be interpreted in any way you like.
List are such a fun way to cram a whole lot of info into an itty bit space. It's also fun to put into order some of your favorite things, feelings and places. Feel free to "list" anything you want. We can't wait to see them.
Using Photobook Photos on Your Pages
While many photobooth photos are chock full of funny faces and toothy grins, you can go with any theme or mood you like. Please note that photobook photos can either be the real thing or faux.

Monthly Series:

All About Me: Unforgettable Moments
Over the course of 2012, we'll be featuring a monthly series called All About Me that will help you develop an album that focuses mainly on you and your life and your feelings and anything else you want to share.
Color of the Month: Metallics
Okay, so it's not just one color but metallics should have a place on our pages, too! How will you use them on your page? Projects can be of any theme or subject but you must use at least 80% of the "Color of the Month" color(s). So think golds or silive or bronze, etc. with a couple other colors to balance them out.
KISS - Keep It Simple, Sweetheart
We're on the hunt for Clean and Simple or Modern and Graphic pages. Layouts that rely more on the subject or photo rather than a lot of embellishments or dressing up the page.
One Word Title: Parenting or Parents
Please note that the title must only be one word (the word of the month) and cannot have more than that word, but you can use other words for a sub-title.
Scrap Your Stash: Transparencies
For this call, please only submit layouts that feature transparencies – nothing else will be accepted for publication.

Cards and Stamping
Deadline: October 6, 2012  


Bicycles & Other Forms of Transportation
Oh the places you'll go when you add bicycles and/or other forms of transportation on your cards.
Coffee or Tea Cup Shape
This one might be a little more difficult than you usually do, but for this call, we're looking for cards that are shaped in the form of a coffee or tea cup. FYI: There are many free templates on the internet.
Free for All - NEW!
In each issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, we spotlightcards  of any size, style and genre with any theme you prefer.
Musical Elements
Musical elements are easy to find but make quite a statement. Submissions can include any style or theme but must include musical elements such as instruments and notes.
Prize Ribbon
Are you a #1 fan of someone special? Has someone earned a special reward in your heart? Want to congratulate someone for a job well done? If so, add a prize ribbon to your card and let them know how you feel.
It's that time of year again when we count our blessings and share a feast with one another. For this call, it can be either a Thanksgiving themed card or an invite to Thanksgiving dinner.
The World Is Your Canvas
 The world is truly your canvas when you add worldly elements or mood to your cards, and worldly elements can include such things as famous landmarks, country and culture icons, foreign langauges and so much more.

Mixed Media
Deadline: October 6, 2012    

Please Note:

All mixed media calls are for artists of all styles and categories including traditional paper, hybrid or digital.
Artist Trading Cards: Faces and/or Body Parts
For this call, you can submit ATCs featuring faces and/or body parts of any kind -- people, animals, cartoon characters, monsters, etc.
Artist Trading Cards: Free for All
Grab your 15 minutes of fame and send in ATCs featuring any theme, style or color scheme.
Inchies: Favorite Gadgets
Got gadgets? Great, put 'em on some inchies! Feel free to interpret this call in any way you like.
Arches: Steampunk
It's a genre that has passed the fad test and is now becoming a part of the scrapbooking culture. Show us how you use steampunk icons, items and imagery on arches.
Show us your tres chic tags that feature fashion trendy items. You can include as few or as many pieces as you like and they can range from clothing and accessories to makeup and jewelry and everything in-between.

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