Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks for the award!!

My dear friend, Rose, has sent me this blog award! Thank you so much, my friend! Coming from you makes it extra special. Now, I must pass it on to 6 more bloggers and list 6 things that make me happy!

Things that make me happy...

1. Having all of my family together in one place!

2. Snuggling with my grandson!

3. Lots of pretty patterned papers!

4. Cappuccino and an egg bagel on Saturday mornings!

5. A scrappy day of shopping!

6. Visiting the blogs of my friends!

Six friends I am presenting this award to...

Now, each of you may collect your award, and then you must post it in your blog along with 6 things that make you happy!!!


Gloria Stengel said...

Thank you! So sweet. And love the new look of the blog!!!

kramer_buffy said...

Thanks a million!

-- dalis

Veronica said...

thank you thank you thank you first I would like to thank all the people who made this happen my fans my peeps in hollywood...oh wait.... wrong award. But hey thanks so much. I will pick it up tomorrow when I have time to answer the

maz111 said...

Congratulations Vicki......a very well deserved award.


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