Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let it snow!

We recently had our first snowfall a week before Christmas! Our grandson was visiting with us and he was so excited to see all of the snow. Of course, he had to help his "Pop Pop" with the snow removal process. So, after bundling him up, off he went to do just that. He had his trusty shovel, which by the way, belonged to his mother quite a few years ago!

I have also added a few photos of our Christmas tree and mantle. After 32 years of having a live Frasier Fir, we decided to "Go Green" and purchased an artificial tree. It wasn't easy, but it was the right decision. Instead of the traditional 12 foot tree, we went with a 9 foot tree. Less room for ornaments, but we still had room for all of my collectibles and then some!


rose said...

oh love these photo`s of the big and little Guy,Hope little guy aint going to get the compulisve drive clearing disorder rofl!!
love the tree an angels

Sheryl said...

Great pictures of DGS helping to clear the snow. The tree looks lovely, too.

maz111 said...

Vicki, these pics are gorgeous. We don't EVER get snow where I live.......we have to travel miles just to go see it, and we are in our summer here, so its HOT!!!!! I would love to have a cold and snowy Chrissie again!
Your little guy is so cute helping your big guy...and especially using his mums shovel!
Your Christmas tree looks amazing and so does your mantle.
I can tell the artistic YOU has been at work here!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Super cute snow pic's!!! Wow, your snow took it's time in coming LOL!...we've had loads of the white stuff for months!.....thanks so much for your kind comment at my blog!

~Gabi xx


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