Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's snowing again!

Well, it's really early in the morning and as you can see, it's snowing again! The tracks you see through the yard belong to our neighborhood deer! I was up at 3 with DH to check out the weather and decided to stay up, catch up on my blog hopping, and do some scrapping!

DH is off to make sure his railroad is running smoothly in the inclement weather. Winter is not a favorite time of year for him! The snow is pretty to look at, but it wreaks havoc for his railroad. Frozen switches and safety hazards...that's what the snow and ice mean to him! Having been the wife of a gandy dancer from way back, this is normal routine for me this time of year!

This is a recent LO that I did of our Christmas tree. In the past, we have always had a 12 foot Frasier Fir that we cut ourselves at the local tree farm. But for Christmas of 2008, we agreed that we needed to "think green" for future generations. Having a grandson has changed how we think about everything. It was a tough decision because we have always said, "that as long as we are physically able to drag a tree in and out of the house", we would have the "real" thing. But, times change. I have even purchased the recycled cloth totes at most of the places I shop. So, now we have an artificial beauty that stands tall at Christmas in our home. No matter what tree we have, the true spirit of Christmas is always in the air!

The journaling says it all!

"After 33 years of having a Frasier Fir in our home at Christmas, we decided to "go green". We invested in a 9 foot artificial tree as our part of "saving the environment". Not quite the same, but it was beautiful just the same!

The chandelier is one of my favorite embellishments. I have several different chandelier stamps, but this is a chipboard chandelier by Riff Raff. I embossed it with gold UTEE.


Lynn said...

OH this is beautiful! I love the chandelier! I miss the Christmas tree! tfs :)

maz111 said...

Beautiful lo Vicki. I love the gold chandelier, it goes with this very special page perfectly. Isn't it strange that when these precious little one's come along, we start rethinking everything in our lives to try to make sure there is a safe and secure future for them?
Please can you explain what a 'gandy dancer' is? I have NEVER heard this expression before.
You have the extreme cold with snow falling, we on the other hand are suffering through the worst heat wave for over a hundred years...UGGH!!! Swap you?
We have had temperatures of over 40C for the last 2 days and have at least another 3 days of this same weather to come. I HATE the heat!!!! I mean it, want to swap???? LOL!

Pinklilac said...

Vicki This is so beautiful and the chandelier is adorable, love it.I am so glad you have gone green, I have been green for years, never tied myself to a tree yet though lol.
Love the LO and you did your tree justice it looks great.
Hugs Linda

Jorunn said...

OMG!!!! This is the most stunning Christmas LO ever!!!
Love the embellishments and design, and of course the gorgeous picture of that wonderful tree!!!! Amazing!

Thank you for your birthday wishes, unfortunately I have two sick children here, so it was not much of a celebrating. I got some time in my scraproom after they fell asleep.

Hope everything is good with you!
I miss you tons!!!!


rose said...

oh this is a beautiful layout and to the tree looks pretty good to me,though I missed your picture of the real one,yes we have to think of the future
oh poor hubby out in that weather,but the railroad must go on ours stop for leafs on track!!

Glee said...

Hi Vicki,

I just had the "bestest" time going through your blog and looking at your posts...I love your tree and that layout. Beautiful! The snow picture is really something!!!!! This has been a snowy year for us this year. What you snagged at the rubber stamp store is so cool! I love the bookcase thingy and that white heart thingy is adorable. I can't wait to see what you end up doing with them.

Love ya, my Friend, Glee

maz111 said...

Thanks for the explanation Vicki. I thought your husband may be interested in the fact that for the past month or so, our train system has been cancelling trains constantly since the weather has heated up. There seems to be more cancellations than trains running most days. The reason seems to be that the rails get so hot they buckle, which means it is too dangerous to run trains on them......annoying!

Sheryl said...

Beautiful layout Vicki - and a great thing to scrap. No doubt if that snow keeps up we will be seeing some snow layouts coming up soon ....

Toni said...


Sharon said...

This has got to be one of the nicest layouts I've seen for a christmas tree!


Fink said...

Gorgeous layout! I love the embellies!

Jane said...

well, I'm sure glad that someone else is enjoying this winter weather besides me...HA!! LOL!! I can understand why you husband wouldn't like the winters...not sure what a gandy dancer is either! but I guess he works with the railroad? I love that tree...real or fake it's gorgeous!!

scrapnnMO said...

Hi Vicki, how are you? YOur layout is absolutely gorgeous! Love the detail work you put into your LO's! ;)

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

I hear ya about the snow Vicki!!!...sometimes it's so pretty to look at but this year we've had tons of it!! My DH has decided we're taking a warm winter holiday, he's had enough!! LOL!

Love the cute chandelier embellishment in your layout, give's it such an elegance!

~Gabi xx

Jennie said...

Such a gorgeous layout!! Love that chandelier - so perfect with your patterns. I'm glad to have found you through the Inspirational blog!


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