Friday, February 6, 2009

Catch up time...again!

Gheez, I have totally lost this past week! Last week at this time, I was waking up from anesthesia. Today is the first day that I have really felt good enough to do anything. I had my first outing in a week. My friend, Elizabeth, stopped by and picked me up for lunch (not driving yet). It was so nice to get out of the house. I haven't even done much scrapping, so once again, it's catch up time! I hope to get some projects done this weekend!

My friend, Dalis, has this great list on her blog that she posted in response to a song by Pat Green. You can read the lyrics to the song here. Very inspirational. So, I have decided that I will make a list it is, Dalis!

What I'm for:

1. Being compassionate to others.
2. Forgiving when it hurts.
3. Loving when it hurts.
4. Little people (and big people)hugs!
5. The sound of my DH coming through the door.
6. My mother's loving hands.
7. Giving to those in need.
8. Diversity around the world.
9. Walking in silence through the leaves.
10. Living life for the moment.


Fink said...

Glad you were able to get out! Sounds like lunch was a good idea! Getting creating this weekend, girl!

Dettao said...

Great list! Hope you are feeling lots better, soon

Pinklilac said...

Hi Vicki Great list!
Now I hope you are feeling a lot better and taking it easy but not to easy as not to scrap lol.
Hugs Linda

kramer_buffy said...

I {HEART} your list!!!!!!

-- dalis

maz111 said...

Vicki, I had no idea you were having surgery. I hope you are feeling very much better. Sounds like a great time to spend being much scrapping as possible, and the rest of the time being spoilt etc.
Take care my friend.


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